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Anacostia Watershed Society

The Anacostia Watershed Society protects and restores the Anacostia River and the watershed communities by stopping new pollution, restoring natural systems, and reconnecting the people to the Anacostia River. The Anacostia Watershed Society is leading the way to a swimmable and fishable Anacostia River through our programs that educate, engage, and empower tens of thousands of students, teachers, and volunteers each year.

4302 Baltimore Avenue
Bladensburg, MD 20710

We can plant and care for a tree in the Anacostia Watershed! Trees help the Anacostia River in so many ways: Medium-sized trees can soak up 100 gallons of water per 2 inches of rain, PLUS the leaf canopy breaks up the fall of the rain and the roots hold in soil - both of which slow sedimentation. This way the stormwater has less of a chance to carry pollution when it reaches the Anacostia River.
We can identify the new mussels and other specimens we've been discovering in the river! As the Anacostia River is getting cleaner, new species of fish, invertebrates, and other animals are returning to the Anacostia Watershed. When we find something new, we send a sample for genetic testing. The biodiversity of the Anacostia River is one of its best assets that we are working to maintain.
We can equip a volunteer with the tools and equipment they need to plant a 10,000 ft sq bayscape! The Anacostia Watershed Society empowers thousands of people community to come together and work on projects that better their local environment and the Anacostia River. Bayscapes use native plants and specialized landscaping techniques to ensure that the water is clean and healthy as it flows into neighborhood streams and creeks.
We can build a new planting bed to cultivate 50 native plants! Restoring the Anacostia River means removing invasive, non-native species that threaten the natural habitat of the birds, fish, and other wildlife. By growing native plants cultivated from native seeds, we can replant these areas with vegetation that is truly beneficial to the river.
We can transport an entire 5th grade class to the Anacostia River! Many schools in our education programs such as Rice Rangers and Shad Restoration often need help securing the buses to take the students to the river, a key piece to for effective environmental education. Being able to experience the river first hand is essential to help them understand the importance of a clean Anacostia River to a healthy environment and community.
District of Columbia, Montgomery, Prince George's
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