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Animal Allies, Inc.

Animal Allies, established in 1984, is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and re-homing of companion animals. We are a humane organization promoting spaying and neutering as an important part of responsible pet ownership. We support trap, alter, vaccinate and return as a humane alternative for feral cats. We also promote the humane treatment of all animals, ecological values and wildlife preservation.

7647 Clifton Rd.
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

For $24, an animal could be provided with vaccines (rabies & distemper) flea treatment and a microchip. Alternatively, we could also purchase cat food (1 bag +24 cans ) which can feed a litter of kittens being fostered for two weeks while homes are being sought. It could feed 2 feral cat colonies for 2 days.
With $48 we could pay for a surgical sterilization for one cat, or, alternatively we could provide food for the care of two litters of kittens or 4 adult cats that are in foster care for two weeks while homes are being sought..
A number of animals that come our way may have wounds and health issues that need to be treated in order to find them homes. With $124 , we could have wounds cleaned and treated and antibiotics and other medications administered. Alternatively, we could also sterilize two cats and provide them with vaccines, and test them for leukemia which is required for adoption. They can also be micro-chipped.
A number of animals that come our way may have serious dental problems that need to be treated in order to prevent systemic infection and to enable the animal to eat. Others may need to have an eye removed due to infection. We use the lowest cost service available ($200-$250) for a dental (including all extractions)and about the same for eye removal. This reduced price is available to us at Helping Hands in Richmond, VA. With $240 we could provide this service when needed.
There are some animals whose injury or condition involves more extensive veterinary care in order to turn their lives around, such as one of our kitties who needed a leg amputated. Alternatively we could sterilize and vaccinate either 8 adoptable cats or a small colony of 8 feral "community" cats.
Alexandria, Arlington, District of Columbia, Fairfax/Falls Church, Loudoun, Montgomery, Prince George's, Prince William
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