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Crossroads Jobs, Inc.

Crossroads Jobs, Inc. provides comprehensive job placement services to unemployed and underemployed individuals who are not served by conventional employment agencies and government job banks. Crossroads provides ongoing support and information to local residents and area businesses. Individuals who complete the program are matched with appropriate job openings in the community. Crossroads Jobs contacts prospective employers to explain the advantages which would be afforded them by interviewing pre-screened individuals referred by Crossroads Jobs.

1 East Market Street
Suite 202
Leesburg, VA 20176

$24 would provide an applicant with transportation assistance - either bus fare or gas cards to get to job interviews or the first week on the job.
$48 would buy an applicant a required pair of work shoes or boots for food service or construction jobs
$124 would cover a month of internet services, allowing applicants and job counselors to complete online job applications and to reach out to employers via email.
$240 would cover the entire phone/internet cost for one month, a vital tool in the job search. Many of our applicants do not have access to a computer, so utilize the computers and phones at Crossroads Jobs.
$480 would place one person in a permanent job, with some left over to go toward placing another applicant!
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