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DC SCORES goes where kids in need are and creates neighborhood teams that give kids the confidence and skills to succeed on the playing field, in the classroom, and in life.
DC SCORES tackles the many very real impacts of a life of poverty on a child: a lack of extracurricular enrichment, a lack of adult mentors, and a lack of fitness opportunities. DC SCORES’ school-based, team-based, whole child programming — delivered through free after-school programs and summer camps facilitated by trained youth development professionals — intentionally integrates soccer, poetry, and service-learning to help low-income 3rd-8th graders throughout the District build physical fitness, find their voice, improve their literacy, increase school engagement, and strengthen ties to their community.
Each spring, every DC SCORES site's kids engage in service-learning. Using a four-stage process, kids walk around their community and identify its biggest issues. Is there a lot of trash? Are gardens needed? Is there a homeless shelter that needs help? An animal shelter? The kids then deliberate as a team and decide on a project. The projects address every possible issue you could imagine in Washington, DC. From there, they research the issue they're addressing, before creating change by implementing their plan. After they've executed the plan, the kids reflect on what they did, on the difference they made. They feel empowered. They have realized that they CAN CREATE CHANGE.
This Do More 24 June 8, please empower DC's most vulnerable children to feel self-confident and equipped to make their school, community, city, and the world a better place with a gift today!*
*Gift levels represent the costs associated with various expenses DC SCORES faces annually. They are outlined here to give you a sense of the impact of your gifts. When you make a gift to DC SCORES, the amount of your gift may be used to fund the expenses mentioned here, as well as other vital needs associated with the program.

1224 M St., NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20005

Planning for Service: Provide a DC SCORES team of 32 students with notebooks to document issues in their community.
Researching the Issues: Provide a DC SCORES team of 32 students with pencils, envelopes and stamps to reach out to City Council members.
Service in Action: Provide ALL the supplies for a DC SCORES team to create a school garden!
Reflection: Provide posters for all DC SCORES schools to use to display summaries of their community-changing projects!
Change a life: Provide the full DC SCORES spring program, including service-learning, for a low-income DC child.
District of Columbia
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