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Episcopal Center for Children

The Episcopal Center for Children (Center) is a nonprofit, nondenominational school and treatment program for children contending with emotional challenges from the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Accredited by the Joint Commission and the DC Office of the State Superintendent of Education, the Center serves children who are 5-14 years old in grades K-8. The goal of the Center’s treatment, therapeutic milieu, and individualized special education program is to empower each child to function productively within his or her family and community. Employing a strengths-based approach, the Center partners with families in treatment and focuses on enabling its students to access and become their best possible selves. ECC offers a full range of therapeutic and academic services geared to enabling children with special needs to return to public school. The children who attend the day treatment program receive special education, educational testing, art therapy, family therapy, individual therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric diagnostic evaluation, group therapy, psychopharmacology, speech & language therapy and therapeutic recreation within a place and a culture of acceptance and healing. THROUGH DOMORE24: We are raising funds to support art, movement, occupational and recreational therapies. These therapies help our students express themselves, encourage them to develop motor skills, and help them see the world as it can be. For a child growing up with special needs, these therapies can make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in their progress. Please support us today!

5901 Utah Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20015

TOUCH A CHILD THROUGH ART - A $24 donation will provide a therapy mask, child-safe paint, multicultural skin tone crayons, and clay for a child for an art therapy session. Our students benefit from touching, molding and expressing themselves through art. Your donation literally touches them!
SUPPORT A FOCUS ON LEARNING THROUGH THE ULTIMATE FIDGET SET - A $48 donation will provide the ultimate fidget set for our occupational therapy program - a set of dozen fidgets! Fidgets are therapeutic tools that keep busy little hands occupied. Fidgets help children work out excess energy and focus in class. We run through a HUGE supply of fidgets every month!
GET KIDS INTO SAND, AND LIFE SKILLS – A $124 donation will provide portable sand tables we can use with our students to help them develop motor skills, as well as social development. As students dig out miniatures from the sand, they develop skills that are useful for the classroom. Your gift can help a child practice persistence and patience, as well as fine motor skills.
FUND MOVEMENT & MUSIC THAT HEALS: DANCE THERAPY – A $240 donation provides music and recreation therapy for an hour. It also provides instruments, dance batons, flex cones, sensory balls, bouncy lily pads, balancing poles and music for the class. Students in this program develop social skills and learn how to listen to and control their bodies.
HELP A CHILD SEE AND EXPRESS HOW THE WORLD CAN BE: PLAY THERAPY – A $480 donation provides a set of multi-ethnic hand puppets and a puppet theater that can be used to help students express themselves and improve their understanding of group dynamics.
Alexandria, Arlington, District of Columbia, Fairfax/Falls Church, Montgomery, Prince George's
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