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Health Volunteers Overseas

Health Volunteers Overseas is dedicated to improving the availability and quality of health care through the education, training and professional development of the health workforce in resource-scarce countries.

1900 L Street, NW, Suite 310
Washington, DC 20036

$24 would allow a volunteer to print exam materials and informational handouts for a class of physical therapy technicians in Malawi, ensuring material shortages don't prevent classes from moving forward in their education.
$48 would allow the purchase of basic medical exam supplies for a medical student in Bhutan, enabling them to learn and practice medical exam skills.
$124 could supply an oral health textbook for the library of Haiti’s only dental school, allowing better access to essential information for dental students.
$240 would allow the purchase of an LCD projector that would facilitate lectures for nurse educators in Cambodia, enabling larger groups to learn at once.
$480 helps HVO recruit and prepare an expert volunteer to teach and train overseas. HVO volunteers are highly-qualified health workers who provide education and professional opportunity to health workers and students in resource-scarce countries, giving them the knowledge, skills and professional support they need to address the needs of their patients.
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