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Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection's (HW-SC's) mission is to increase high school graduation rates and ensure that participants leave high school with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education or employment opportunities.

6305 Ivy Lane
Suite #420
Greenbelt, MD 20770

(301) 446-3691
Provide transportation for students to and from activities. Offset the cost of servicing vans to ensure consistent transportation. Provide snacks for students during enrichment activities.
Help provide uniform shirts for students in need. Help pay for the cost of Senior (12th grade) portraits. Help pay for College tours for students. Provide assistance with school meal plans for students in need.
Help cover the cost of snacks for students for a month. Purchase school supplies for the upcoming school year. Provide van transportation for students who are employed.
Help support the cost for college applications. Assist students in purchasing dress clothes for interviews. Provide financial assistance to seniors to purchase a senior's cap, gown, hat and tassel. Provide more enrichment activities for student participation in programming.
Provide more access to educational field trip opportunities. Help fund consultants to come in and speak to students about potential career paths. Provide funds for our Summer Academy program, offering enrichment and learning opportunities for students during the summer months.
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