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House of Divine Guidance

House of Divine Guidance is a emergency housing and service program for homeless women and children. We provide a welcoming atmosphere where women feel the love of Christ, nurturing, and support to receive needed resources and services that result in improved relationships and finances, better physical health and mental health, reliable income, and stable housing. We empower women to become self-sufficient, to rise above their circumstances, and to achieve a higher purpose.

2110 Forest Glen Rd
Silver Spring, MD 20901

$24 would provide transportation for two weeks for job training, interviews, needed support services, or employment
$48 would feed a family of three for one night
$124 would provide a co-pay for a month of childcare
$240 would provide a young single mother with financial assistance to receive a career certificate
$480 would provide housing for a small single family for one month
Alexandria, Arlington, District of Columbia, Fairfax/Falls Church, Montgomery, Prince George's
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