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Powerful Beyond Measure

Powerful Beyond Measure (PBM) \implements efforts towards youth and community development; focusing on creative, academic, professional, civic, social & personal growth by strategically integrating the arts, entertainment, sports and media industries into programming. Our vision is to utilize these influential fields to reach the urban communities of our targeted youth, via multi-dimensional services that will help positively shape young people and empower the adults around them to become active leaders and contributors. C.A.P.E. League is a comprehensive, year-round program created to fully integrate the lives of young people in the DC metro area with a broad education and great opportunities that will influence them positively. The program’s strategy is to reach out to youth who are not responsive to other programs, or in special situations, and engage them per their interests in the arts, entertainment, sports or media– while developing them in a variety of other key areas. It is designed to provide an outlet for both fun and enrichment, while providing the pathway for personal growth. The League aims to be a part of its members’ entire adolescence, serving them throughout their formidable years. C.A.P.E. is an acronym for the components of the League and what we focus our activities on: • C – Community, Cultural and Civic Involvement • A – Arts, Entertainment, Sports & Media • P – Personal and Social Development • E – Educational, STEAM and Professional Enrichment The League is geared toward youth ages 11-17, from underserved communities, who may not be exposed to or able to afford to take part in productive and diverse activities. We are an inclusive program open to all youth who wish to welcome new opportunities. However, we particularly recruit youth who are classified as “at-risk”; within the foster care system; have ADHD, developmental or learning challenges; are experiencing self-esteem, social or behavioral issues; or part of single parent and/or lower-income families.

3305 8th Street NE
Washington, DC 20017

Help us with our annual "CAPE League Feeds DC" where we utilize food as a way to show our love and care for the community - i.e. providing bagged lunches for the homeless, hosting a pizza party for teens in foster care/group homes, creating a mock restaurant experience for women in sheltered from abuse.
Contribute towards weekly and healthy meals for our Saturday program.
Help us buy equipment, training and field activities for the CAPE League's annual media group project - a positive teen television show
To help provide weekly transportation for our program to get us to field trips in a timely manner, pick up/take home children who cannot access the program and save money on out-of state transportation.
Help us to grow our #FutureFund - an annual gift to program seniors & graduates to be used towards that which can help them realize future goals: college books, art supplies, training classes, business applications, etc.
Alexandria, Arlington, District of Columbia, Fairfax/Falls Church, Montgomery, Prince George's
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