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SEEC Corporation

SEEC believes that everyone, regardless of his or her perceived abilities, wants to earn a living from work that has value, live in a home of their choosing, and thrive in communities of family and friends. We support more than 250 adults in the DC Metro area who have autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, and other developmental and intellectual disabilities. SEEC provides community-based supports to help people succeed in the workplace, have fun and learn new things, and form lasting friendships of mutual respect and caring. We also provide free and confidential supports to families of children with disabilities through our Parent to Parent network. Mission: To help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to direct their lives with dignity, choice, authority and responsibility Philosophy: People want to live in a home that they choose, benefit from work that is valued, develop through continuous learning, and thrive in communities of family and friends. Vision: To become a community of excellence in providing supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities that honors and respects the individuals, supports a breadth of experiences that are meaningful, inclusive and unique, and that are inspired by and directed by the individuals we serve and their circles of support. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to show their valuable contributions to our community. Thank you for supporting to our work!

8905 Fairview Road
Suite 300
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Provide a week̢s' worth of public transportation expenses for a person to get to and from work. Nearly 99% of the people we support cannot drive and rely solely on public transportation or Metro Access to travel within their community.
Help purchase a week's worth of groceries for older adults with significant disabilities who are unable to work. SEEC provides 24/7 residential supports for more than 40 people who are aging and have severe physical and intellectual disabilities who rely on social security as their sole source of income.
SEEC recognizes the importance for continuous learning and personal development. $124 will help cover tuition fees for job-readiness courses taken at Montgomery College and classes in the arts taken at community centers
Nearly 100 people receiving SEEC's community-based day supports exercise several times a week at local community centers. $240 will provide annual fitness and swimming passes at a community center for two people.
Assistive technology is key to opening doors to employment for people who do not communicate in conventional ways. $480 will help cover expenses for purchasing a tablet and apps that give people voice, greater independence and safety at work, in the community, and at home
District of Columbia, Montgomery
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